Situation update

Hello Robins!

Two things have happened, causing the website to look like this, instead of the old familiar one.
First, there was a malfunction in the server space hosting the old website, resulting in the old website going offline. (No no user data, funds or otherwise were affected).
Second, the development of the new Ethereum-based member & share register is at a stage where we can start moving the old database to the new system.
So the board together with the development team decided to seize the moment, and instead of bringing the old website back, to put all efforts in to the new system and a new website.
Getting the new system up will take a while, and until that the old member pages are unfortunately not available. In case of any questions, don't hesitate to write to
In the meantime:
- If you want to become a member, click the "Join the coop"-button.
- If you are a member, and want to book more shares, write to
Thanks for your patience and understanding, the new system with new features, firstly the members' market for shares, will be working soon!

Rolling situation updates

Nov 21.:



Net Asset Value

$ 369 057

What people are saying?

What if financialization was the “communism of capital”?

Tiziana Terranova

Welcome to the wild side of finance!

Akseli Virtanen

What a satanic project!

“Bifo” Berardi

Robin Hood is another way to Occupy Wall Street

Luca Guzzetti University of Genoa

The path forward

Robin Hood Coop Established


Robin Hood Coop is founded – with roots in the Future Art Base, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, and lots of thought, experience and activism in economy, finance, art, critical theory… The Coop takes part in Kassel Documenta d13.

The Beta Year


The “Activist Hedge Fund organised as a Coop” model is run and tested in the real world for the “Beta Year” 2013-2014. And it works! The coop takes part in Media Facades Festival, has its first AGM, Open Offices are instituted as a way of working, with first appearances in Helsinki and Madrid.



A year of rapid growth. Number of members and assets under management more than double. First project support 15 000 € to Casa Nuvem, P2P Foundation/Catalan Integral Cooperative, Radio Schizoanalytique/The Steki. Open Offices in Dublin, Milan, London, Helsinki, Athens.

And here we are now…


Next quantum leap: moving on to blockchain. Follow your inbox…

Member interview

London Open Office